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AIRCONcare AC Cleaning Kit

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Hydrophilic Solution - Lifts Grime without Damage

The way our solution works is it turns any surface it touches hydrophilic thus repelling any adhesive that is on it almost instantly without damaging the metal fins. This then allows the organics (skin flakes), biofilm, and dirt to be washed away by the rinsing and flushing with water.


No Volatile Chemicals Left Behind

The AIRCONcare Cleaning Solution has been lab tested to be water soluble with NO Volatile Organics Compounds left behind after cleaning to be vaporized into the air flow.


Kills 99.99% of Legionella pneumophila Bacteria

Lab tested by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) against Legionella pneumophila Bacteria

Step One - Wear On The Wash Bag


Step Two - Apply AIRCONcare Solution

Step Three - Flush With Water

Step Four - Empty Wash Bag

Made in Australia

So Simple Anyone Could Do It

Keep your air conditioner cool while saving a lot of money

AIRCONcare Ductless Cleaning Kit

The Ultimate Air Conditioner Cleaning System that rivals a professional AC Tech


Verified Buyers Testimonials by Yotpo

Perfect cleaning kit for air conditioner. 

Save so much money from calling businesses to come and clean when I can do it myself with the ease of use of this product. Thanks so much

Daniel L.

Excellent product, easy to use and worked. 

Terrible odour that we could not get rid of after a tenant smoked in a room. Used this and the odour was gone. I would also like to say a big thank you for the excellent service. Small error with product delivered and it was shipped to me immediately and followed up several times to ensure all was good with order. I would not hesitate to use or recommend this product again and definitely the staff service was exceptional. Thank you.

Kathleen W.

Kit and Customer Service was Awesome!

I am very much impressed about cleaning kit and the amazing response from online support (Chat and on Call) and technical team. Thanks a lot for your help. I refer you to my friends and colleagues.

Anjanarao C.