"Revolutionize Your AC Maintenance with AIRCONcare – Professional Cleaning Made Easy and Affordable at Home!"

Hey there, we're AIRCONcare Pro! Just like you, we're all about keeping our air conditioning units clean and efficient, and guess what? We think you can do it yourself. That's why we've built our business around DIY cleaning kits for split air conditioners.

Our kits aren't just boxes of tools and cleaners. They're your ticket to a cooler, healthier home. We've packed them full of pro-grade tools and green cleaning products, all specially designed to keep your air conditioner running like a dream and your living space free from dust and mould.

Powerful Surgical Jet Sprayer

Meet our Powerful Surgical Jet Sprayer, a standout component of the ProTAB Air Conditioner Cleaning kit. This isn't your everyday sprayer - it's specially designed to tackle the toughest grime in your AC wall unit. With pinpoint accuracy, this sprayer delivers a high-pressure jet of cleaner, dislodging dirt, dust, and mould like a pro. It's all about making your cleaning task quicker, more effective, and super satisfying. The best part? It's easy to handle and requires no professional training. It's time to make your air conditioner sparkle with our Powerful Surgical Jet Sprayer. You're going to love the difference it makes!

ProTAB Kit

AIRCONcare ProTAB Ultimate AC Cleaning Kit